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Upstate New York Under Cuomo…the Grim Truth II

More than half the children in Buffalo and Rochester live in poverty, the 3rd and 4th highest rates of poverty in the nation. There are many neighborhoods in New York City with even higher rates (source: U.S. Census statistics).



Upstate New York Under Cuomo…the Grim Truth

  • New York has the worst economic outlook (U.S. Conference of Mayors)
    • Binghamton had the worst economic outlook of 363 metro areas. Utica/Rome had the 2nd worst outlook.
    • New York had five metro areas in the bottom 10… and 10 in the bottom 20.
      • Kingston #356
      • Elmira #355
      • Buffalo/Niagara Falls #354
      • Glens Falls #353
      • Ithaca #352
      • Syracuse #348
      • Rochester #343
      • Albany/Schenectady/Troy #338



Cuomo’s “Shell Game”:  Protecting Shelly Silver

Just another reminder



Astorino’s Record in Westchester–A Blueprint of Tax Relief and Job Growth for New York

  • Rob worked with Democrat-majority board to reduce the county property tax levy more than any other county in the state (source: NYS Comptroller’s office).
  • Rob reduced spending more than any other county and started with own office cutting it 19%.
  • Westchester County has 30,000 new private sector jobs and one of the lowest unemployment rates in the state since Rob was elected county executive.



New Yorkers Fleeing the State under Cuomo.

  • A recent Gallup poll showed that 41% of New Yorkers said they would leave the state if they could.
  • And according to a recent AARP survey 60% of New Yorkers age 50 or older say they are likely to leave the state upon retirement.



Oh, yeah…Larry Schwartz thought HUD suit and settlement was “garbage”

Who is Larry Schwartz?  Cuomo’s top aide.  More Cuomo hypocrisy.



Fact Check on Buffalo Billion

Riverbend, the centerpiece of Cuomo’s revitalization plan rests on the infamous Elon Musk’s SolarCity.  Cuomo plans to invest $750 million w/ Buffalo Billion funds – to build largest solar panel plant in the country.  SolarCity is under investigation by 2 different federal agencies, has been called the “Next Solyndra” by Sen.  Sessions

Bottom Line: Rob Astorino is Defending Westchester County from HUD’s Overreach

New York is Home Rule State, Mr. Cuomo.



Cuomo’s Race and Gender Baiting is Sad

Rob was twice elected in a heavily Democratic county with broad support from a majority of Westchester residents–the 4th most diverse county in New York State.


Astorino on Charter Schools

Rob is a product of public schools.  Rob’s kids go to public schools.  Rob’s wife is a special education teacher.  Rob served on the school board.  Rob Astorino supports public education 100%.

Rob is supportive of alternatives and choices for parents and that includes Charter schools in areas where public schools are failing.  But they need to be held accountable for performance as well.



Check that, Cuomo DID weigh in on sexual harassment suits as AG

As Attorney General, Cuomo defended the use of half a million in taxpayer money to silence women raped by government insiders/his political allies.



Hey Cuomo, you know what is MOST disrespectful to the Women of NYS?

We’re talking about a man who refused to call for Speaker Sheldon Silver’s resignation after it was discovered that he used hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to cover up rapes, sexual assaults and harassment.  Former Albany County DA, Paul Clyne – a Democrat – once said that any “father who would let his daughter be an intern in the State Legislature should have his head examined.”  But Andrew Cuomo has no opinion on this and says it’s none of his business.



Disagree with Cuomo on Issues?  You’re not Welcome in New York

Lest we forget…

Cuomo continued, “Is that who they are? Because, if that is who they are, and they are the extreme conservatives, they have no place in the state of New York, because that’s not who New Yorkers are.”



Thruway Under Cuomo Administration–More Costly to Motorists Now…and in the Future

The Thruway board in May first proposed a 45 percent toll increase on vehicles with more than three axles, a move meant to increase revenue by an estimated $85 million a year by targeting commercial traffic the authority says causes the majority of damage on its roads….           (The Journal News, December 7, 2012)

A major ratings agency on Tuesday downgraded its view of the New York Thruway Authority over concerns about how much tolls will increase when the Tappan Zee Bridge is replaced.      (The Associated Press State & Local Wire, October 29, 2013)



Tappan Zee Bridge Toll $____?

Cuomo has grabbed money from everywhere, including environmental funds, to build the Tappan Zee Bridge.  What the cost will be?  He doesn’t know.



Rob Astorino will Stop Common Core

Get rid of Common Core and replace it with the best standards in the nation written by New York experts with the input from teachers and parents.

Click here to read the full Astorino/Moss Education Plan



Yes, Rob…One of Cuomo’s Own Admits the Lengths he will go to…

Hank Sheinkopf  once gave of his boss.  He said of Cuomo that he was “willing to say anything, do anything – including distorting the facts – to win election.” (NYTimes, 4/12/02)



Outright Lies by Cuomo on Bogus “Racketeering” Suit

One of Cuomo’s attack ads against Rob was based on a bogus lawsuit brought by an individual who currently sits in jail awaiting federal charges for fraud, tax evasion and obstruction of justice.



Remember When Cuomo said this about the Moreland Commission?

”It’s my commission,” he said. ”My subpoena power, my Moreland Commission. I can appoint it, I can disband it.”

”I can’t ‘interfere’ with it, because it is mine,” he added. ”It is controlled by me.”     (The New York Times, May 9, 2014)



Rob Astorino Has a Plan to Clean Up Cuomo’s Moreland Mess

Term Limits and loss of taxpayer funded pension if convicted of felony corruption.

Click here to read the full Astorino/Moss Plan to clean up Albany’s corruption



Reminder!  Cuomo Under Investigation for Sacking Moreland

Cuomo is currently under federal investigation for corruption – for using his office to protect big donors and political cronies from potential prosecution.



Cuomo Hypocrisy on Fracking

No one knows what Cuomo is going to do.  We do know he’s raised nearly $1 million from oil and gas and other pro-hydrofracking interests.



Natural Gas Exploration–Jobs for New York

Rob supports natural gas exploration.  Conservative estimates are that it would create 25,000 desperately needed jobs, billions in new tax revenue for the state, lower electric rates and cleaner air (50-60% less carbon emissions than coal).

30 states are already reaping the benefits – states led by Republican and Democrat alike.  President Obama supports it.  Senator Schumer supports it.  EPA said it is safe.

Rob would do what states like Colorado have done – bring in environmental groups and energy companies and develop proper environmental safeguards as we move forward.



Cuomo’s Failed Record on Jobs and Taxes

  • New York is the highest taxed state in the nation (Tax Foundation)
  • New York has the most debt in the nation (Tax Foundation)
  • New York has the 3rd worst business climate (Tax Foundation)
  • The average salary for New York workers has dropped, both from the start of the recession – from $65,607 to $63,490 – and from Cuomo’s taking office – $64,433 to $63,490.



Rob’s Plan to Create Jobs for New York

Click here to read the full Astorino/Moss Jobs Plan

  • Moratorium on any new regulation and review of the 750,000 regulations currently on the books.
  • Reduce the corporate tax rate to 5.9%
  • Use the over $4 billion in bank settlement money (BNP Paribas, etc) to invest in infrastructure.



Why New York is losing Under Cuomo

  • Dead last 50th in economic outlook in America;
  • Number one in corruption in state government;
  • Number one in out-migration of citizens to other states, losing 400,000 New Yorkers to other states under Governor Cuomo;
  • Number two in highest energy costs, and
  • Upstate New York has had the worst economic recovery in America since the Great Recession.



#NYSGovDebate Rapid Response

If you’re watching tonight’s debate, you can follow along here to get all the facts. New York State is losing, and losing badly under Andrew Cuomo’s leadership. Rob and Sheriff Chris Moss will get this state back in the winning column!


Is New York #WinningOrLosing as a state?

Is New York State winning or is New York State losing today? That’s the question Rob Astorino is asking every New Yorker. Because if New York is winning, great. there’s no need to do anything. But if New York is losing — and the evidence says it is — we need to change the way we do business to get New York back on the winning track. Rob Astorino will deliver that change. He’s done it in Westchester County, and he can do it for all New York.

Click here to read the full Astorino/Moss Tax and Budget Reform Plan

Click here to read the full Astorino/Moss Jobs Plan

Click here to read the full Astorino/Moss Empowerment and Opportunity Plan

Click here to read the full Astorino/Moss Education Plan

Click here to read the full Astorino/Moss Plan to clean up Albany’s corruption

Click here to read the full Astorino/Moss Public Safety Plan