Rob Astorino keeps his promises.
He’s kept the Westchester County property tax levy flat for an unheard of seven straight years; he’s dramatically reduced the cost of County government through consolidation, attrition, and better management; and he’s providing top-quality services to our neighbors in need.

All this has been done while governing in a bipartisan way to achieve consensus and results for Westchester taxpayers.

County Executive Astorino is proving that government can be both responsible and effective when properly managed. Westchester’s budget is smaller today than it was in 2010 when County Executive Astorino took office, despite rising state mandates and expenses. Its AAA Bond rating is the best among all 62 counties in New York State.

County Executive Astorino’s leadership is sending an important message to businesses looking for a place to launch, expand, or relocate. More than 44,000 new private sector jobs have been created in Westchester during his tenure.

The County Executive’s Three “P” governing philosophy -- Protecting Taxpayers, Preserving Essential Services and Promoting Economic Development -- continues to guide his administration every day.

Rob Astorino passed term limits for the job of County Executive in his first year. He’s currently running for his third and final term to finish the job he started reforming and restructuring county government in a smart and responsive way to the taxpayers.

Rob is a husband and father to three school age children. His wife, Sheila, is a special education teacher. The Astorinos live in Hawthorne with their beloved shih-tzu, Bella.