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In 2011, Andrew Cuomo said that “New York has no future as the Tax Capital of the nation.”  Sadly, 11 years later and New Yorkers still pay the highest taxes in the nation and Albany just raised taxes again.

Rob believes Albany spends too much, taxes too much and borrows too much.  Despite the good fortune of being bailed out by the federal government with $12.5 billion this year, Cuomo and state legislators went on a wild spending spree, passing a state budget this year that increased spending by a staggering and unaffordable $18 billion. His predecessor has only been worse and New York now spends more money annually than more populated states Texas and Florida COMBINED!  And while those two no-income tax states continue to grow rapidly, New York continues to lose jobs and people.


Rob supports a spending and borrowing cap and a flatter and fairer income tax and would reduce the current 10 tax brackets to just three brackets with lower rates.


Knowing that property taxes are often the most burdensome tax for many New Yorkers, Rob would seek to reduce property taxes by allowing counties to opt out of certain non-mandated Medicaid services and by exploring new ways to pay for schools, instead of relying so heavily on school property taxes.


Rob would seek to increase solar, wind, hydro and natural gas energy production and infrastructure to help reduce rising utility costs.


As Westchester County Executive, Rob cut the property tax levy or held it flat for all eight budgets and the $1.8 billion county budget he inherited in 2010 was the same amount when he left office eight years later.  Rob’s expert fiscal stewardship earned Westchester the highest credit rating among counties in the state of New York.

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