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Economic Growth


New York State once led the world in manufacturing, innovation and job creation. Today, we lead the nation in highest taxes, worst economic outlook and worst business climate.


In New York, businesses are over-regulated and over-taxed.  During the recent pandemic, businesses were shut down, given even more regulations and at times, even threatened by the governor.


Rob Astorino believes that not only were the lockdowns a terrible mistake, he also believes that in any future pandemic, the health of our economy should be a heavily weighted consideration and not an afterthought.


Rob would seek to make New York the most economic competitive state in the Northeast by:


  • Eliminating job-killing regulations and mandates


  • Reducing the tax burden


  • Investing in the rebuilding of New York’s deteriorating infrastructure


  • Moving forward with natural gas and renewable energy development in Upstate


  • Accelerating hi-tech start-up creation at our world-class colleges and universities


  • Increasing the availability of skilled workers tailoring vocational education programs and community college degrees to match the needs and demands of local employers


  • Strengthening our agricultural heritage and economy 


As Westchester County Executive, Rob helped create over 44,000 new private sector jobs by cutting taxes, regulations and implementing innovative public-private partnerships.  Rob also worked with PepsiCo, IBM and Regeneron and others to stay and grow in Westchester.

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