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Rob Astorino is a former school board member, husband of a public school teacher and father of three school age children.


Since the summer of 2020, he was a strong voice in favor of re-opening classrooms on a full-time basis for students.  Sadly, while some children have had a full year of in-person classroom instruction, others have had it only partly and still others were locked out of a classroom for over a year.


Rob believes in empowering all families (not just those with the financial means) with school choice if they are locked out of their local public school.


In addition to passing a school choice law, Rob supports:


  • Expanding the number of charter schools so every student that wishes to attend one will get a seat and not a spot on a waiting list

  • Passing the Education Investment Tax Credit that would encourage greater charitable donations for public education and non-profit scholarship organizations providing K-12 scholarships for students enrolling in private or parochial schools


  • Increasing the availability of vocational training in schools for careers in carpentry, mechanics, electrical, culinary, cosmetology, etc.


  • Increasing Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education in schools


  • Increasing life skills education in schools, such as nutritional literacy instruction in middle school and financial literacy instruction in high school

  • Banning the teaching of 'Critical Race Theory' or gender ideology in our schools. Our children shouldn't be taught to hate America and hate each other


As Westchester County Executive, Rob created the Astorino Challenge in Education (ACE Challenge) to encourage and incentivize students to excel in the classroom and/or show marked improvement.  He also started several STEM initiatives to get students interested in careers in technology and engineering.

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