For years, New York has had the most corrupt government in the nation.


Andrew Cuomo has made it even worse with his rampant corruption and criminal incompetence.


Cleaning up Albany starts with removing Andrew Cuomo root and stem either by legislators through the impeachment and removal process or by the voters in 2022.  But Albany corruption preceded Cuomo and will succeed him unless real ethics reform is passed.


Rob would work to implement a comprehensive ethics plan that would crack down on rampant Albany corruption once and for all:


  • Term limits — limit the governor and statewide elected officials to two, 4-year terms and state legislators to no more than six, 2-year terms.


  • Shorten the legislative session to January to April 1 (special sessions could be called throughout the year)


  • Replace the current per diem system legislators use for traveling and staying in Albany with a system that requires receipts for travel expenses, lodging and food


  • Proactive posting of records and information online that are required for release under the Freedom of Information Act. The information would be posted in a database maintained by the state comptroller's office


  • Replacing the Joint Commission on Public Ethics, or JCOPE, with a new panel, the Independent State Commission on Public Ethics, or I-SCOPE. The state judiciary would appoint five members to serve on the commission, which would have an independent budget and the ability to receive and investigate complaints of official misconduct

  • A ban on naming a building, facility or project that was funded with taxpayer dollars in honor of a current elected official


As Westchester County Executive, Rob reduced his own staff, required health care contributions by himself and his staff and froze his pay for all eight years.  A term limits law was also adopted.