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Public Health


The Covid pandemic over the past two years was a wake up call for state and local government and health care providers.  New York needs to better plan for the next public health crisis by preparing today and that includes building inventory of personal protective equipment, and other critical health equipment.  It also means building better communication with federal and local government partners and health providers so when the next crisis comes there is real time data and coordination.


In 2020, as New York led the world in Covid deaths per-capita and as over 15,000 seniors were sent to an early grave by the governor’s disastrous March 25th Nursing Home order, thousands of beds on the U.S. Comfort, Javits Center, and field hospitals all across the state sat empty. That can’t happen again.


Rob will work to strengthen our hospital system and public health information campaigns — including healthier living when it comes to diet and exercise.


Rob supports expanding the teaching of nutritional literacy in our middle schools so young people have a good foundation for healthy eating and exercising.

As Westchester County Executive, Rob and his health department successfully contained a Hepatitis A outbreak, quickly moving to inform, screen and treat nearly 2,000 individuals who were infected or potentially exposed.

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