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Public Safety


The criminal justice system, in recent years, has been re-calibrated by the state legislature and governor to greatly favor criminals over the victims and law-abiding citizens.


From eliminating cash bail for violent offenders, to paroling over 20 cop-killers in just the past two years to many leftist lawmakers now calling for the police to be defunded — public safety is at its greatest risk since the early 1990’s.


Rob believes in compassion and second chances but distinguishes between first-time offenders and habitual offenders, and between non-violent offenders and violent offenders.


Rob would work to repeal the dangerous “No Cash Bail” law and would seek to reform the state’s parole system and parole board and make it harder to release rapists and murderers back into our communities. Rob would also remove any District Attorney who refuses to prosecute crimes.


And Rob would invest in our police — not defund them.


As Westchester County Executive, Rob created a “Safer Communities” initiative that focused on community-based solutions to address such issues as youth mental health, the opioid crisis and domestic violence.

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